About us

Welcome to Teepanda – where you can find gifts of your favorite shirts for yourself, your loved ones and friends.
Established in 2022, we thrive by serving and giving customers the best experience through the design of unique products and ideas to convey meaningful messages. to customers.
We are headquartered in Singapore with a team of unique designers that transform ideas, interests, activities or social concerns into unique products for consumers.
Hundreds of customers have shopped at our store and experienced their own style. We take pride in this by understanding our customers’ needs and continuously improving the quality of our products. , service and returns We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience by helping you become confident and become a special version of when using the store’s Print on Demand products. we.
With a team of leading Print-on-demand experts) in the US, we bring unique printing products that are 100% made in the USA using the best printing techniques and DTG printing technology to bring give you the most enjoyable experience when using Teepanda products.

Core values

Teepanda is our goal because the finest materials, unique design and high standard of customer service allow you to experience and wear unique products from Teepanda.
We pride ourselves on our potential customers wearing our t-shirts in a fun and different way in their own way. You can contact us for more information and we are more than happy to fix all the problems that have happened to you. We share an online community of the lowest priced t-shirts for you to join, then let’s grow and shine together!
For more detailed information, you can contact us and have a great shopping experience in our store:[email protected]